Greetings From Head of Program

Our vision is to become center of the development knowledge, skills and technologies applied in the fields of marketing which leading and prominent in southeast Asia at 2018 and our mission is implementing vocational education, research and community service in the field of marketing which appropriate and qualified based on ICT in generating graduates with the spirit of entrepreneurial.

Based on the law of  National Board of Higher Education state that the Diploma Program in Marketing Management is accredited and currently have a graduate who has worked in international companies. As a vocational education we improving student academic atmosphere with more conductive and encourage student to do the seminar, workshop and applied research in the field of marketing.

We have cooperation with Ministry of Small Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia in stadium general for the student and at least cooperation with multi industry such as PT Shell Indonesia with held shell live wire workshop, KFC as part of Yumm International USA, Bank Saudara who recognize as the oldest and survive local bank in Indonesia and PT Gramedia in the implementation of the job training.

We always support our student with the soft skill and more competencies such as foreign languages (mandarin and English), applied marketing research, negotiation and interpersonal skill, selling and entrepreneurship skill Last but not least don’t hesitate please come and joint with us and enjoy exploring our web.

Warm Regard

Oktober 2020